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Modern Drug Discovery Across Disciplines and Technologies

The ultimate goal of the DDI research program is to translate the fundamental scientific discoveries and technological advances to the marketplace. Opportunities for AI will be identified, developed and utilized to offer a streamlined drug-discovery and development process from hit screening to drug formulation, processing and delivery. The synergy through the collaboration of many current experts at UH will allow cutting-edge research methods to emerge and to be used to identify new drug targets.

UH has expertise across the fundamental studies of potential drug targets, development of novel drug candidates, high-throughput screening technologies, organ-on-chip models, drug formulations and delivery, biosensing and biofeedback, molecular modeling and artificial intelligence, public policy, law, and management. All of these areas are envisioned to make pivotal contributions to a vibrant UH Drug Discovery Institute.

Research Capabilities

The University of Houston has far-reaching research across disciplines that focuses on a variety of impact areas, such as cancer, infectious diseases, autoimmune disorders, heart disease, neurological disorders, mental health, substance abuse, women’s health and more. Over 100 faculty university-wide are working on drug discovery-related research.