Discovering and designing novel drugs to improve
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Modernizing Drug Discovery

Through a cross-disciplinary approach, the UH Drug Discovery Institute will integrate new technologies, such as AI, to streamline and modernize the drug-discovery process.

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The UH Drug Discovery Institute hosts Sharath Hegde of Congruence Therapeutics.
The UH Drug Discovery Institute hosts Dan Monticello of GlycosBio.
The UH Drug Discovery Institute hosts John Buolamwini of Rosalind Franklin University.

Research Capabilities

The University of Houston has far-reaching research across disciplines that focuses on a variety of impact areas, such as cancer, infectious diseases, autoimmune disorders, heart disease, neurological disorders, mental health, substance abuse, women’s health and more. Over 100 faculty university-wide are working on drug discovery-related research.


The UH Drug Discovery Institute is developing several programs to provide students with the tools, resources and knowledge to pursue careers in research for the development of novel drugs for unmet medical needs.

UH-Heart Program

Funded by the American Heart Association (AHA), the UH-HEART program provides summer research experiences that prepare participants for future careers in cardiovascular-related research. All eligible students are invited to apply!

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