Wei-Chuan Shih

Associate Professor

Research Interest

Nanobiophotonics: plasmonics, surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy, nanofabrication, nanofluidics; hyperspectral imaging: Raman/SERS microscopy, two-photon fluorescence lifetime imaging, active/structured illumination microscopy, compressive sensing imaging; microsystems: N/MEMS, Lab-on-a-chip; plasmonic engineering: hierarchical nanoporous gold (HNPG), label-free DNA biomarker sensing, intracellular sensor network, molecular trapping, photodynamic and photothermal therapy, gene therapy; novel hyperspectral imaging: active/structured illumination, computational multispectral infrared imaging; neural probe for deep brain stimulation and recording: flexible optitrode with integrated optical and electrical channels; environmental sensing: water quality, pathogen, oil spill; smartphone microscopy: bright/dark-field, fluorescence.

Technologies and Platforms
Office Location
Engineering Building 2, Room W328